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50 Cent Designs New Merch Inspired By Struggle Rapper Who Pressed Him

50 Cent is selling t-shirts about his fight from last night.

It surely did not take a long time for to start capitalizing on this. Last night, the rapper was involved in an argument while on a date with Black Ink Crew star Nikki Nicole. . He tried to politely get the artist to leave him alone but when things nearly got physical, he taught him a lesson in respect. Telling the rapper that harassing him in the street will not help his cause in the least bit, they finally parted ways after nearly coming to blows. Now, 50 Cent is already taking advantage of the press he’s gotten from the situation, designing some new merch for the occasion.

The executive producer of Power shared a photo of some new merch he’s running with, quoting himself from the video that’s making the rounds. “Just look at my IG” is at the top of the design with 50’s response below. “Your shit ain’t gonna work,” he said. To be honest, what happened last night is the perfect example of what not to do if you’re trying to get signed to a major label. Don’t harass people on the street. You’ll get made into a t-shirt.

You copping this?

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