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50 Cent Hilariously Reacts To Tyler Perry’s Personalized, Electronic Invitation

No doubt he’s impressed.

The days of scribbling notes to loved ones to invite them to cocktail parties, gender reveals, or all-out birthday shenanigans are over. Tyler Perry has as the media mogul gave the term “personally invited” an entirely new meaning. Rapper shared a short video on Instagram showing him opening a package from Perry. Inside,  within a box, that held not only a gold printed paper invitation but an electronic one that automatically played when opened.

“Mr. 50 Cent, Tyler Perry here,” Perry began in the video. “Sending you this personal invitation to ‘Imagine This.’ It’s the celebration of the grand opening of the brand new Tyler Perry Studios.” As he watched the video, 50 couldn’t help but be impressed with the presentation. “Get the f*ck outta my office,” he said to his team. “We need more money!”

With an invitation so carefully—and expensively—made, . “I’m coming to that sh*t,” he said to the camera. “I don’t care what I gotta do. Cancel my schedule.” On Perry’s page, the  about the . Check it all out below.

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