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50 Cent Pretends To Be Afraid Of Ja Rule, Jim Jones, & Freekey Zekey In IG Video

He made sure to drop his location.

There are quite a few people who have a bone or two to pick with . The Power mogul is no stranger to acquiring foes and within the last few weeks, he’s been at odds with , , and Freekey Zekey. Hiswho he says is the one who has been shot and beat up.

After Jim’s name was dropped in the trial, The Harlem rappers have both shared that they didn’t appreciate Fif’s comments, so the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ rapper let the world know how he feels about angering the trio of artists.

In an Instagram video, Fif feigned fear as he recorded himself dropping his location just in case anyone wanted to pull up. “I’m so afraid of Ja Rule, Jim Jones, and Freekey, that I’m hiding out in Texas,” he said. “Please, whatever you do, don’t tell them I’m in San Antonio. Don’t tell them I’m staying at the Four Seasons. Don’t tell ’em…just please, don’t tell ’em, ’cause there’s so much pressure on me right now. I don’t know what to do. I’m afraid, man. Don’t tell ’em I’m at Specs.”

The rap mogul did host a meet and greet at a Specs store in College Station as he posed for photos with fans while promoting his new line of liquor. Check out his video below.

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