50 Cent Rather Face Snoop Dogg In IG Live Battle, Ja Rule Reacts

50 Cent wants to go up against Snoop Dogg if he were to do a “Verzuz” battle.

There doesn’t seem to be any chance that we’ll see and . Though there has been chatter surrounding the idea of this happening, Fif’s shot it down completely while Ja has claimed that this is, once again,

In a recent interview with Big Boy, 50 Cent explained why he doesn’t think it makes sense to go up against Ja Rule in a battle. Instead, he suggested it would make far more sense to go face-to-face with instead since they both have extensive catalogs. “It would make more sense, catalog wise — me and Snoop. ‘Cause we would be able to compete every step of the way. Ja Rule? He got like five, six good duets,” Fif explained. “They’re all doable records but they’re someone else’s,” he added. “Stevie Wonder, ‘Do I Do’!” He continued before mocking the song. 

Ja Rule chimed in shortly after in the comment section of Big Boy’s IG post. “He don’t want that pressure,” Ja wrote with a laughing emoji. “And Snoop our ya league bra,” he added, though it’s unclear what he actually meant.

What do y’all think? Snoop Dogg’s been delivering bangers since the early 90s while 50 Cent’s reign began nearly a decade later. Do you think that’s a fair match up? Sound off in the comments. 

50 Cent Rather Face Snoop Dogg In IG Live Battle, Ja Rule Reacts

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