50 Cent Reacts To Cardi B's Pregnancy Announcement

After months of hiding her pregnancy in flowy gowns, Cardi B finally put rumors to rest giving us a prime shot of her baby bump on SNL. She figured her decision to withhold the information this long helped her cause for her as an artists. Many critics were concerned it was the wrong time for her to have a child, career wise. However 50 Cent is not one of her detractors on the issue.

He posted a picture of her SNL performance on Instagram with a support message in accompaniment. The caption read: “This is some fly shit, from the bottom to the top.” Not only does it take courage to feel sexy during a pregnancy, especially during the second or third trimester.

50 Cent, had his first child Marquise during the early stages of his career, so he knows a thing or two about coping with distraction, although he wasn’t the one bearing the brunt of the pregnancy like Cardi B. Funnily enough, 50 Cent met his third son for the first time, at a fan convention. 

Regardless of his personal experiences raising children, 50 wishes both Cardi B and Offset all the best during this upcoming chapter in their lives. 

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