50 Cent Reacts To Mural Artist Getting Beat Up

50 Cent denies responsibility after Australian mural artist Lushsux is attacked and hospitalized.

Murals have been popping up all over Australia for the last several months, depicting as other celebrities. Muralist Lushsux, who describes himself as a 50 Cent stan account, has shared photos of his countless artworks showing the rapper as , Mike Pence, Mike Tyson, and others. 

As weeks fly by, 50 Cent has expressed his anger at the situation, demanding that the artist cease producing any representations of his likeness on the street. Lushsux refuses to stop though and it looks like things finally caught up to him.

“This guy needs an ass whoopin bad, he still doing this shit,” wrote Fiddy about the artist. Apparently, people took his directions to heart and attacked Lushsux in the street, .

50 Cent Reacts To Mural Artist Getting Beat Up
Leon Bennett/Getty Images

‘Unfortunately some 6 or 7 smoothebrains at one time on the street already put me in hospital already this month because of this shit,” he revealed.

Hearing about the assault, Fif denied responsibility and issued his official response.

“The artist got [punched] in the [face] that wasn’t me i didn’t do that,” says the rapper on his latest post. 

He may not be claiming responsibility for the attack but he did say, numerous times at that, that the artist should get what’s coming to him. Do you think he’s to blame?

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