50 Cent Recalls Irv Gotti & Def Jam Turning Down His Demo in 1997

When you've been relevant in hip-hop for as long as 50 Cent has, you're going to have some wild tales from the battlefield. Fifty joined Power castmate Omari Hardwick's Poetics podcast on Thursday (June 6) for an all-encompassing sit-down putting his career in perspective. One interesting nugget came when the G-Unit boss took it back to his early days of securing a record deal, when Irv Gotti, who was a Def Jam A&R at the time, passed on 50 after hearing a portion of his demo. 

Fif recalled when his mentor Jam Master Jay played his demo for Irv at Def Jam back in 1997, but made sure to say that this was prior to him having any issues with Gotti and the Murder Inc. crew. The late Run-DMC DJ told him Irv said, "Nah, it kind of remind me of Jay-Z]." 

The "If I Can't" rapper goes on to say that he felt Irv ripped off an idea from one of his demo tracks and then used it on Hov's next album. "One of the records was a record that had Jam Master Jay cutting," the Queens native explained, adding that the track specifically contained a sample of Nas' "Represent."

"It was a song on Jay-Z's next album that had the direct comparisons of 'somehow the rap game reminds me of the crack game.' It was the same concept. Same song," 50 pleaded. He found solace in the fact that it was confirmation he was on the verge of breaking through with something special in rap. 

The rest of the conversation features 50 dishing on life, music and other business endeavors he has in motion. The podcast is now available to stream through the Luminary app 

"There is nothing more poetic than being able to sit down with a boss, a colleague, a teammate, friend, and brother… and be able to go even deeper than we have all these years together. A ton of fun equally," Hardwick said of having the unique opportunity to interview the multi-faceted entertainer. 

Watch the clip of 50 Cent reflecting on the early times of having his demo turned down below. 

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