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50 Cent Receives $20 From Man Who Stole Rapper’s Album In 5th Grade

Fofty strikes again.

If you haven’t noticed by now, owing any sort of money . . Now, the rapper has a hit list of people who owe him money and it appears as though people are already taking action before it gets to the point where he airs his issues out on Instagram.

A man recently gave 50 Cent $20 randomly at a meet-and-greet. The reason: he stole one of Fif’s albums in the fifth grade. Fofty took to Instagram to share the story with his followers.

“Yo, so check it out. Why a n**ga come in the store and give me this $20 right here, right. He said, ‘Here take it,’ and said, ‘I stole your CD in fifth grade,'” 50 said. “Yo listen, ‘My cousin, the only person knew about it was my cousin, but this bitch on some bullshit. So, I know she gon’ go left on me. I don’t need you putting me all on your Instagram and everything.’ Shit is wild. Fofty!”

“Yo I love Chicago every time I come out here the wildest shit be happening. LOL,” he captioned the post.

Over the past few months, Fif’s t and most recently, 

Angel The God – Won’t Lie

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