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50 Cent Refuses To Drink Out The Same Bottle As Toe-Sucking Casanova

50 Cent felt a way about Casanova’s adventurous ways.

Some things are  but apparently, Casanova didn’t get the memo. Cas is undoubtedly living his best life, especially since  last year. Earlier this week, the rapper shared footage of himself chillin’ on a boat with his girl. Innocent enough, right? Except, he’s seen wrapping his tongue around his girl’s toes before putting her legs in the air and smelling her coochie. While his comments were filled with jokes from his peers, took to Instagram to let Cas know that he’ll never accept a bottle of champagne from him after watching that.

50 Cent, the master of all trolls, had a little with fun with Casanova earlier today when he reposted that same footage of the Brooklyn rapper sucking his girl’s toes. Fif, a man who’s sexcapades have been exposed by several of his former flings, drew the line with Cas, proclaiming that he might “knock his fucking teeth out” if the “Set Trippin” rapper ever decides to pass him a bottle of champagne.

“Yo if this fool @casanova_2x ever try to pass me a bottle of champagne 🍾he been drinking. Im a punch him in the face and knock his fucking teeth out. LOL,” he wrote on Instagram.

Aside from trolling Cas, Fif’s been busy trying to and 

6orn – Play for Keeps (EP)

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