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50 Cent Squares Up With Aspiring Rapper Who Interrupts His Date: Watch

50 Cent was not trying to hear any of his bars.

When you live your life in the public eye, you often yearn for those moments of privacy that you can enjoy by yourself or with loved ones. We all need a break from the regular routine every once in a while. Last night, was on a date with Nikki Nicole, a star on Black Ink Crew: Chicago. The two have been romantically linked for a few weeks and this is one of the first times we see them together in public. They were trying to enjoy some time away from the cameras when an aspiring rapper named NFL Dume approached him and tried to spit some bars. Fiddy tried to politely tell him that he was on a date and wasn’t interested but the man persisted and things nearly got physical.

50 Cent Squares Up With Aspiring Rapper Who Interrupts His Date: Watch
Rich Polk/Getty Images

As seen in the videos below, things started out a little tense before they got even worse. Threats were made and the situation almost escalated to a full-blown fist fight. NFL Dume assumed a fighting stance before the general tried to explain to him why what he was doing was not going to work. Fiddy and Nikki ended up walking away but not before things got heated between the two rappers.

If a celebrity isn’t down to give you the time of day, use this as a potential lesson. They’re humans too and sometimes, they just wanna chill and watch a movie while on a date. 

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