50 Cent Teases "Crazy" Developments In "Power" Season 5

By now, 50 Cent has thrown his considerable force behind “Power,” which features the rapper in a starring role as the calculated and efficient Kanan Starks. The series has received widespread acclaim, and has been a worthy addition to 50’s multimedia empire; it’s no wonder he seems to view the series as his favorite child, singing its praises with all the passion of a van-full of soccer moms. Today, the rapper has once again kicked off the hype train, posting a picture of himself with the homie Joseph Sikora, who portrays Tommy Egan.

“Power season 5 is crazy, I’m gonna have you on edge, till you like ?‍♂️50 what is this shit you got me watching,” likes 50. As 50 has previously drawn comparisons to HBO’s Game Of Thrones, expect violence and shocking twists in abundance. Unlike Thrones, however, you won’t have to wait much longer: “Power” season 5 is set to premiere on July 1st.

While 50’s television empire continues to flourish, his music career has risen from a long dormant slumber. The man who once brought us such classics as Get Rich Or Die Tryin and The Massacre (on second thought, not sure if classic status, but it’s certainly arguable) has returned with the PnB Rock assisted “Crazy,” a somber and reflective cut. If you have yet to listen, you should make the time, especially if you’re invested in 50’s narrative; hearing him address a rift with the once inseparable Lloyd Banks is upsetting to say the least.

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