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50 Cent Trolls Rick Ross With Vicious "Rocky IV" Instagram Post

As Rick Ross is reportedly holed up ina Miami hospital trying to survive, 50 Cent is back to his trolling ways. While most Ross’ peers fered up prayers, the Power exec decided to pull from Rocky IV.

On Friday (March 2),50took to Instagram and posted a photo Drago from the fourth Rocky film (released in 1985). While he didn’t caption the post, those who are up on their Rocky tri noticed it was a still from a particularly violent scene.

After Drago viciously knocks out Apollo Creed in the ring, he says, “If he dies, he dies.”

50’s post appears to be a reference to Ross’ current medical situation.

Of course, plenty people chimed in on 50’s post. One commenter wrote, “Don’t worry karma is a bitch something worse will happen to you one day. Ross is doing much better thank God. Your day will come and not a soul will have sympathy for you. You dirty dog.”

Ross and 50’s sordid historystretches backyears. Fif alluded Rozay was a “fat piece ” shit in 2008 and in 2011, called him a “fat boy” after Ross experienced two back-to-back seizures on the same day.

In 2015, 50filed a $2 million lawsuit against the Maybach Music Group head honcho for using his monster hit “In Da Club” on Ross’Renzel Remixes project.

And that’s just the tip the iceberg.

In 2016, Ross told Rolling Stone, “I’m the biggest L he 50] ever took.” Fif responded with a since-deleted Instagram post featuring a hyena with the head an antelope in its mouth and the caption, “When its all said and done, I will have his head. I said I was going to talk less and do more this year. Watch it play out.

We’re watching.