50 Cent’s Son Wants Every Toy In Toys-R-Us For Christmas: "What The F*ck"

50 Cent’s son wants the whole store and it looks like Fif might do it.

With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, kids are getting their Christmas wishlist ready. Of course, if you’re the offspring of a celebrity, you’re entire wishlist will likely be fulfilled. ‘s been making some power moves all year long so there’s no doubt that his youngest son,  However, it looks like Sire knows this and is making sure to milk every moment of the holidays.

50 Cent hit up the ‘Gram to share a wholesome conversation he had with his son. The rapper is preparing to spoil Sire for Christmas but he didn’t exactly expect his son’s request. The rapper recorded a phone call he had with his son, Sire. “I want the whole store of Toys-R-Us,” Sire says on the call while Fif’s face lights up with astonishment. “The whole store?” Fif asks before taking a huge sigh and laughing it off.

“what you want for Christmas, I WANT THE WHOLE STORE,” he wrote. “ok I have to work harder what the fuck, the whole store.”

Although it’s a pretty big request for the holidays, it wouldn’t be surprising if 50 Cent pulled it off, . His rap career might not be as big as it once was but he’s building quite the resume as a TV exec. 

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