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50 Cent’s Trolls Floyd Mayweather’s Questionable Fashion Choice: "Granny Drip"

Just because it’s expensive, doesn’t mean it’s nice.

has been steadily trolling his adversaries for ages. Whether it’s old foes, those who are indebted to him, or anyone who’s been caught slipping, 50 Cent always has time to crack a few jokes at the expense of others. Now, we all know he and used to be good friends but things between them have turned sour. Every now and then, they’ll get on the ‘Gram and take shots at each other before letting it rest for a few months and then picking it back up. It’s a cycle between the two at this point.

In early August, 50 Cent while Floyd Mayweather  But 50 Cent just can’t ever let anything go. Most recently, he hopped on the ‘Gram to once again troll Floyd Mayweather’s fashion choices. Floyd’s had some interesting fashion moments over the years and F This time around, Fif meme’d Floyd and compared his outfit to someone’s grandma.

“Champ on his bullshit again,” he wrote. “Dats that granny drip.”

Floyd’s fashion choices have been under scrutiny in the past, especially for his decision to openly rock Gucci in the midst of the ban. Both 50 Cent and took aim at Floyd for

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