600 Breezy Denies Offering To Put Hit On Nicki Minaj’s Husband Kenneth Petty

Twitter fingers.

In the latest episode of “It Wasn’t Me,” 600 Breezy is denying accusations that he offered to put out some sort of hit on ‘s husband. The world zoomed in on Twitter on Wednesday (February 5) as . The pair—who haven’t been together for years—traded shocking and he fired shots that not only did she pay for her convicted sex offender brother’s legal team, but she also knew that

600 Breezy Denies Offering To Put Hit On Nicki Minaj's Husband Kenneth Petty
Gabe Ginsberg / Stringer / Getty Images

Nicki would later say call the exchange regrettable, but by that time the screenshots had circulated hundreds of thousands of times. In the fray, Sky Days’s ex-boyfriend and rapper 600 Breezy reportedly added in his two cents.  a tweet from 600 Breezy’s Twitter account reportedly stated.

People were quick to claim that Breezy seemed as if he was offering to set up some sort of hit on Kenneth Petty, but HipHopDX reports that 600 Breezy denies he sent the tweet. “” the outlet claims Breezy wrote on his Instagram Story. “Idk who tf that is.”

With a verified account that boasts over 100K followers, it seems mighty strange that he wouldn’t have control. Meanwhile, 600 Breezy also continues to beef with his ex who claims that she’s pregnant with his triplets. 

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