600Breezy Denies Gay & Deadbeat Accusations By Queen Key

600Breezy claims that his pregnant ex only said those things because he didn’t want to be with her.

As of late, 600Breezy’s name has been synonymous with controversy. The rapper’s previous relationship with Black Ink‘s Sky Days was the subject of headlines and most recently, with . It’s 600Breezy’s ongoing tit-for-tat with his alleged baby mama Queen Key that has him wrapped up in the most drama, and he spoke on why she’s the person behind most of the misconceptions about his character.

During an interview with DJ Smallz, Breezo was asked what he believes is the greatest misconception people have about him. “For me to answer this question, it’s gon’ bring that b*tch into the equation,” he said with a smile. “I really feel like I wanna speak on it ’cause that sh*t gets on my nerves every f*ckin’ day. Tha sh*t get on my nerves. So, I ain’t gon’ say her name, but I’m just gon’ give a rundown. I was f*ckin’ wit a b*tch, she a rapper. She’s disrespectful. Very disrespectful. I couldn’t deal with that sh*t. She wanted me to be her boyfriend. I told her no. She told me she was pregnant. I didn’t even say get rid of it, I just said that sh*t to the public when she did what she did. Did some embarrassing sh*t or whatever. It’s nothing that she could say to me possibly, so she’s throwing out gay rumors.”

“The b*tch sayin’ it so much and she got kind of a fanbase, so they gonna ride with her like, ‘Oh, he’s this and that,'” he continued. “I’m one of the straightest n*ggas that you will ever find in this f*ckin’ world.. All these regular b*tches f*ckin’ wit me. You’ll never hear that sh*t. You heard that sh*t from one b*tch and people tryin’ to run with the sh*t.”

600Breezy added that he’s not homophobic, but he’s had to block gay men on his page daily because they’re sending him provocative private messages. “I can’t get to these n*ggas to kill ’em or no sh*t like that, so I just block ’em.” He added, “They steady screaming deadbeat and they steady screaming gay. Her kids not even on this earth yet. You can’t be a deadbeat to some kids that’s not on earth.”

The rapper added that he did request for a blood test but he claims Queen Key got upset with him. “At the end of the day, you can’t find a gay receipt on me,” he said. “‘ because they know I’m there. The kids I got on this earth right now, they tooken care of.” Watch his clip in full below.

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