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6ix9ine Case: Nine Trey Bloods Had FBI Informant In Camp Since 2013

Years before 6ix9ine had a career, the feds were already trying to take down the Nine Trey Bloods.

‘s case is currently underway. The rapper took the stand for three days last week where h. It  but according to his bestie Akademiks, . However, the investigation into the Nine Tr3y Bloods was happening way before 6ix9ine was in the picture.

Kristian Cruz, better known as CEO Kris, took the stand to testify that he’s actually been an informant for the FBI since 2013. Cruz was arrested in 2013 on drug charges and then took a deal where he pleaded guilty to one count of Access Device Fraud, one count of conspiracy, and one count of Aggravated Identity Theft. Court documents revealed that he was supplying Nine Trey with heroin that he received from China. Even though the investigation began before 6ix9ine’s arrival to the gang, it was the rapper’s run in the music industry that pushed the FBI to conclude their investigation and shut down their operation. 

A phone call between Mel Murda and Kris Cruz leaked online following yesterday’s trial with the two discussing members of the gang. Ironically, CEO Kris is heard calling Shotti “a roach” while they both praised Harv — who Kris testified against in court — as the only member of the Nine Trey Gang they both respect. 

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