6ix9ine Will Shave His Head If Rich The Kid Loses More Followers

Rich The Kid promised a new song if he hit a new follower milestone, but he actually declined in followers, leading Tekashi 6ix9ine to raise the stakes.

tried to boost his social media following by promising some new music once he hits 8 million fans on the ‘gram. Unfortunately, his plan backfired and he actually lost followers from the post. 

At the beginning of the day, RTK clocked in 7.7 million followers but, as pointed out by DJ Akademiks, he now only has 7.6 million. While this may have absolutely nothing to do with the rapper’s promise of a new song when he reaches that milestone, one of his rivals is looking to shut down his effort once and for all.

Commenting on the post, decided to raise the stakes on a major decline to Rich The Kid’s social media following. The two stars have been at odds for weeks and now, it looks like they’re signing themselves up for a Hair vs. Followers match-up.

“If rich the kid drops to 6 million I’ll literally cut my hair off,” wrote 6ix9ine on IG.

While the comment isn’t likely to make Rich The Kid lose over 1.5 million followers, it will surely result in a few people trying to see if he’s capping or not. Would he really part ways with one of his defining factors out of spite?

Recently, the rapper announced a new single for May 29, which . Stay tuned for that, and to see if 6ix9ine will actually cut his hair.

6ix9ine Will Shave His Head If Rich The Kid Loses More Followers

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