929Reese Drops A Fantastic Banger Titled “Red MAN”

Destined for greatness since he was born, Brooklyn-based Hip-Hop artist 929 Reese is dropping his latest track titled “Red Man,” a powerful record that has already been viewed over 140K times on YouTube alone. His YouTube channel counts around 1M views. In a short time span, 929 Reese has been exponentially growing his fan base, and “Red Man” is just the latest proof of his vivid talent and exploding rapping skills. 

This young storyteller has an unparalleled flow, slick delivery and a work ethic that puts his competitors to shame. Reese is fated to leave his mark on the rap game, but more importantly, he intends to change the narrative for people coming from the same hardships as he.

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check-out “Red Man,” the best way to get introduced to this prodigy’s addictive art. The music video released alongside the track brings the ideal visual component for a powerful overall experience. 

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