A ‘Jukebox Musical Film’ Based On Prince’s Biggest Hits Directed By Ryan Coogler Is Reportedly In The Works


Film lovers, brace yourself. Apparently, there’s yet another musical movie heading to theaters. However, unlike other projects (Wonka, Mean Girls, Wicked, etc), this rumored theatrical release is completely appropriate considering its subject.

According to The InSneider, Prince’s biggest hits could be coming to the big screen. The newsletter letter reports that a “jukebox musical film” based on the late musician’s discography, directed by Ryan Coogler, is in the works.

Based on author Jeff Sneider’s account, the forthcoming project is backed by Universal Pictures but helmed by Proximity Media. Sneider also alleges that the venture has supposedly been “in development since 2018.” This part is noteworthy seeing that Prince died in April 2016. Following his tragic death, his estate was in constant contention as to which entities could license his likeness. Ultimately, the estate took first dibs, dropping unreleased music, a collector’s edition of written works, and more.

There have already been several attempts to release visuals about Prince’s life, including Ava DuVernay’s failed documentary attempt with Netflix. So, the public isn’t getting their hopes up. However, Sneider says the team over this latest project has been fully formed with involvement from Coogler’s wife and fellow director Zinzi, Bryan Edward Hill, Sev Ohanian, and Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Publishing Group, Jody Gerson.

Prince’s musical movie, Purple Rain, was preserved by the National Film Registry. So, Coogler has big shoes to fill. But given his past track record, he seems to be the perfect person for the job.