A Modern-Day Success Story: How Abdullah Mehmood Established a Leading Digital Agency Solo

How 18-Year-Old Abdullah Mehmood Has Become a Leading Digital Marketing Expert

Abdullah-Mehmood-2 A Modern-Day Success Story: How Abdullah Mehmood Established a Leading Digital Agency Solo

Sometimes, people can surprise you with their talent and general knowhow. Such people don’t wait for the tide to turn but take a shot at making their fortunes at an early age. One such person is Abdullah Mehmood, who has established a leading digital agency all by himself at only 18.

Mehmood, Founder of Rex Media Group, was born in Karachi, Pakistan, in 2002. At the age of 13, he started out on his digital career managing social media profiles for top Pakistani accounts and was able to garner millions of likes. Alternatively, he also made money selling shoutouts on social media. Soon, brands started offering sponsorships and incentives which helped him to up his game and establish his marketing and PR agency. “I also run multiple channels on YouTube that work as money-makers for me,” said Mehmood. 

Mehmood began his marketing empire with only $7 in his hand. And today, he has won the award for the Young Serial Entrepreneur from Asia for his work in the marketing field, and also for bringing employment in Pakistan. Abdullah also teaches multiple students how to earn money online and also to acquire the skills necessary to earn money online. His elder brother, Sikander Mehmood, is his lead photographer who helped him to start his business. Sikander, who has worked for top brands like Nestle, shifted to Australia to pursue his photography career. From there, he helped Abdullah to acquire several Australian clients, raising his profile as an international marketing expert. With his foreign clients, Mehmood was able to expand into the Australian market, getting loads of business opportunities. He was also able to find investors to offer employment back home in Pakistan.

Mehmood has a clear dream about where his business should go. Currently, he is extremely focused on achieving that dream. 

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