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A New "SpongeBob" Meme Has Arrived & We’ve Rounded Up The Best Ones

Let the re-shares begin.

Every now and then a meme will grow to viral stardom based on how relatable the photo and caption can be. We’ve posted about a few memes some acts partake in from  to  but the latest meme to take over the internet is yet another SpongeBob one that people keep responding to.

The image sees SpongeBob getting up from his chair in his living room with a caption that reads “Ight imma head out.”  The internet has done a fine job at using the photo to sit alongside relatable captions that would spark SpongeBob to make a move. 

Some of these captions read, “When the roach you killed goes missing,” “When you sneeze and someone says ‘bless you’ but you home alone” and “When your girl comes into the room and says ‘I think it’s just funny how.'” Before  comes through, peep our roundup of some of the best renditions below that show tribute to the original SpongeBob and sound off on which ones are the best. 

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