A Rising Star: Quraan Dazzles Fans with Hot Tracks

Previously known as Fnf Handsome, Quraan is a Hip Hop artist with a knack for words. He writes songs from his own personal experience and bases most of his lyrics on emotions and passion. Quraans love for music and astounding lyrics has set him apart from the crowd in his genre.  

With his nimble songwriting abilities and diverse beats, Quraans music is one that can please many. Songs such as Aint Faithful, Hard 2 Love and No Love Lost boast a relaxing energy that will soothe their listeners to the very core. Meanwhile, Cry No More and Never Changed start with the same calming effect; however, they take a drastic turn towards rap. Spilling sick lyrics over catchy beats and giving his fans something to sing about is what Quraans music is all for. 

Quraans very first single, Whats Your Name, was featured on New Yorks power 105.1 for several consecutive weeks. With four new songs (mentioned above) out on the market now, Quraan is ready to create an even greater buzz in the industry.

Be sure to check out Quraans all-time hits on Spotify!

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