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A Smitten Doja Cat Cries Over Aurora's Single 'Exist for Love'

Aurora tweeted, “i never thought that i would write a song about love” about her new track “Exist for Love,” but fans embraced the sweeping, emotive ballad, especially Doja Cat.

During one of her Instagram Live sessions where she reviews other artists’ music, the “Say So” hitmaker played “Exist for Love,” which left her utterly speechless and in tears.

“The emotions pouring from this artist listening to ‘Exist for Love’ is warming my heart. @DojaCat , sending all my love,” the Norwegian singer-songwriter wrote on Twitter on Tuesday (May 19), which prompted the two to share sweet “I love you” messages with each other.

Check out their literally heart-warming exchange and listen to Aurora’s “Exist for Love” below.

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