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A Wild Collaboration Between Eon MC Etc & Alkaline23 On “Why You Doin It?”

The joint indie-hip-hop project marked a turning point for the two rising artists.
The first 11 seconds of the track opens up with low-pitched vocals before the catchy rap drops.

With “Why You Doin it?” artists motivate people to live a life they would enjoy. As Eon MC ETC. adds: “Don’t live a lie or a life you hate.”

The album from which “Why You Doin it?” is pulled out features 11 tracks, each with a unique story ranging from opposing law and order to tribute. The whole album follows a pure lyrical flow, ensuring gratifying experience for the listeners.

When Eon MC Etc. was asked about the collaboration, he commented: “ I give a lot of vulnerability here. More than I’m used to. It’s one of my goals, though.” He also adds that the debut album means a lot for him since it tackles personal stories.

Following the release of the debut track, many fans took to social media platforms to share their thoughts, including Travis Erwin, an LA On Lock Blogger.

He commented: “The flow comes with a low-key groove that allows the intricate lyrical progression to unfurl with ease. This allows the listener to truly connect with the words, and while tranquil in its approach,
The flow does emote a nice bit of passion and emotion. The words feel true and real while
establishing a rhythm that pulls you along and keeps you leaning in on the track.”

The creative collaboration proves to the public the seemingly boundless musical possibilities.

Be sure to check out the track now:

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