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A$AP Rocky’s Bodyguard Chokes Out Alleged Victim In New Video

A$AP Rocky’s hired muscle grabs a man by the throat and forcefully pushes him away in the video.

. Previously, we saw videos of the rapper throwing his alleged victim onto the sidewalk before rallying the troops and stomping him out. Rocky claims he was acting in self-defense after two young men followed them through the streets of Stockholm, harassing passersby. The Harlem celebrity and two of his entourage members remain in jail and are fighting for their freedom. A new video of the beatdown shows the moments before punches started flying with A$AP Rocky’s bodyguard confronting Mustafa Jafari, grabbing him by the throat and forcefully pushing him down the path.

A$AP Rocky's Bodyguard Chokes Out Alleged Victim In New Video
Jesse Grant/Getty Images

As reported by TMZ, the new video brings some doubt to the prosecution’s case. Jafari was not charged for striking the bodyguard because authorities say he acted in self-defense. However, Rocky’s hired muscle was also cleared on all charges. We’re not saying he should have been charged but the logic seems to be a little all over the place.

Shortly after the choking, Jafari punched the bodyguard and that’s when the brawl started. As you all know by now, A$AP Rocky has been sitting in a Sweden jail cell for the last month. We will continue to keep you updated with any and all developments in the case.

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