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After Watching Georges Floyd’s 8 Min 46 Footage, Black King Savior Decided To Write “Going Crazy”

After watching George Floyd’s 8 min 46 footage, Black King Savior decided to go back to his main passion, music, and write the outstanding track “Going Crazy.” The Chicago based former activist and founder of several 501c3 orgs, is dropping a rebellious track to take his own part in educating the masses into learning what it means to be a Black man in America in 2020. Black King Savior’s rapping skills will remind listeners of some of the greatest legends the game has seen, like Tupac, Biggie, or Jadakiss. Confident and precise, he delivers a near-four minute masterpiece set to inspire many to join the BLM movement and bring back a real sense of unity among American citizens. 

“SoHo Karen” continues to accuse the teen whom she attacked at NYC hotel