Ahmaud Arbery Was At Construction Site Because He Was Electrician’s Apprentice

Ahmaud Arbery wasn’t trying to steal anything from the construction site he was spotted at, says the Arbery family’s lawyer, S. Lee Merritt.

More information about Ahmaud Arbery has been revealed as the weeks have progressed. The two men responsible for his murder—father and son , respectively—are currently sitting in jail awaiting the District Attorney’s next move. Meanwhile, S. Lee Merritt, the Arbery family’s attorney, has come forward to that shows Ahmaud checking out a construction site just moments before he was gunned down in the street.

Ahmaud Arbery Was At Construction Site Because He Was Electrician's Apprentice
Sean Rayford / Stringer / Getty Images

“He has two uncles on his mother’s side who are electricians. He was entering an apprenticeship as an electrician. He had even gone to school and received some college [education] to begin to get his associate’s degree so that he could become an electrician,” Merritt said. “So yeah, it would make sense that he would enter this property that was commonly entered to. It’s clearly under construction. To our knowledge, no ‘no trespassing’ sign. As you see in the video, he walks around and he looks up. He looks at the wiring, he looks at the walls, he looks at the architecture.”

Those advocating for the release of the McMichaels have argued that, as the father and son have contested, Ahmaud was a robbery suspect. It’s the belief of the McMichaels’ supporters that , but the 25-year-old’s family claims the video surveillance doesn’t support that theory.


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