Akbar V Defends Nicki Minaj Tribute Song: “This Generation So F*cked Up”

Akbar V has taken to Twitter to defend her recent single honoring her “idol” Nicki Minaj. In doing so, she complained about “this generation” and people accusing others of “D riding” for showing appreciation.

“The fact that folks think she gotta like my post or comment is cr*zy,” Akbar V began. “I’m a fan of hers. i want to follow in her steps in music period. I love her, I’m inspired don’t care who says it’s d riding. I don’t care, I rap. I’m a rapper. I looked up to her and still do every rap bch have.” She added: “They just don’t like to admit ur cause they so obsessed with the ‘Nicki hate train.’ Nicki never told me to do nun just like when i was in the streets my friends never told me to dislike people if they didn’t like them … me Akbar V is loyal and always will be ….”

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Akbar V Performs In Atlanta

ATLANTA, GA – NOVEMBER 04: Rapper Akbar V performs onstage during 2018 For The People Concert and Block Party at Murphy Park on November 4, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

In more posts, Akbar V continued: “This generation so fucked up …folks so scared to be themselves and say how they really feel bout a person cause they feel is D riding but I’m no hater and i damn show ain’t no ass kisssser … why do y’all feel that a person should do something for you if they fk with you? Just like I’m a fan of Ari hairstyles i send them to my stylist cause that bch be looking like a snack … bchs just don’t know what person they want me to be …a hater or a dck rider [laughing emojis] make y’all mind up cause it don’t matter to me I’m definitely still gonna do what i want.” Check out all of Akbar V’s posts on the matter below.

Akbar V Fires Back On Twitter

The praise from Akbar comes as Nicki gears up for the release of a sequel to her iconic debut studio album, Pink Friday. Earlier this year, she announced that she intends to drop the highly-anticipated project in November and go on tour the following year.

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