Album Of The Week: Dysphoria By Hipster Conspiracy

Hipster Conspiracy (Instagram) has been gaining well-deserved attention in recent weeks for her new album titled Dysphoria. Her strong and powerful voice, as well as unorthodox and experimental track structures, have been pushing the limits of almost all and any genre.

In her new collection of works, she captures the weight of her experiences, traumas, and obstacles – all in a uniquely visceral way. Hipster Conspiracy shares the most intimate experiences and boldly speaks out about mental issues, existential crises, identity problems, and her sexuality. 

To spice up her album even more, Hipster Conspiracy invited underground artists such as Theboywhocriedterps, and Rorry Matthews on “The Lurch,” Auradotcom on “Self-Loathing,” and Mr Metrónom on “The Death of Mr Metrónom,” to collaborate. The unexpected combo of sounds brought unique anthems of a new experimental music wave, as on Dysphoria they blend rock, ambient, electro, and indie. 

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