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Alex Skyy Posts Heartfelt Warning About Sex Trafficking

Alexis Skyy uses her Instagram to raises awareness.

Alexis Skyy posted a heartfelt message to fans on Instagram last night, opening up about being a victim of sex trafficking and urging her followers to stay safe. “If you’re not with your friends or your family- do not go anywhere by yourself… watch your surroundings and have mace on you, have a taser on you, have a gun. Do whatever you need to do to protect yourself.”

She emphasizes that fans from her hometown of Atlanta need to be especially carefully, citing it as a top 5 city for human trafficking in the US, “Atlanta, GA is one of the top 5 cities for human trafficking in the US. Please be safe out here and watch your surroundings! Always trust your gut! If you observe something strange, PLEASE REPORT IT! I’ve never spoken about this, but I seriously felt compelled to share my story because it can happen to any of us. Love you guys.”

Skyy’s message comes after Clark Atlanta University student Alexis Crawford was found dead. She had been missing for over a week.

Skyy is known for her role on the tv shows Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood and Love & Hip Hop: New York. She also had a publicized romantic relationship with rapper , which ended in 2016. 

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