Alexis Skyy Shares First Photo of Her and Fetty Wap's Premature Baby Girl

Alexis Skyy just shared photos her newborn daughter. Laiya, her child with rapper Fetty Wap, was born several months early and you can see the tiny infant in the new shots.

My happiest moments are with you princess Laiya .. my heart beat my world i love you baby, she wrote alongside a video herself with the seemingly impossibly small baby.

The pregnancy had been plagued with problems. Alexis water broke early at the beginning the month but she did not go into labor. However, the baby appears to be healthy in the new videos.

Perhaps more surprising than the news that Alexis went into labor early is Fettys recent reveal that hes already having another kid. In a response to a negative Instagram comment about the number children he has, Fetty let it slip that he has child number seven on the way.

Actually my son is on the way so itll be 7 at 27 22 million sic] so yeah I think my odds are better than you boyfriends and all my kids moms have moved on and living their life, he wrote. They allow me to be a dad to my kid so f**k everybodys opinion. Straight like that.

For those worried that Fetty might outlive his means with seven kids and a few years since his last hit, Fetty wants them to know hes good. The Patterson, NJ native made some sound investments after his initial success to ensure that his kids would have money for their entire lives.

Im fortunate enough to have been smart enough to invest my money so my kids will have money when Im gone, he said. Im not rich. Im wealthy. You probably wouldnt know the difference wit yo Im boutta catch the bus lookin a**.