Alexis Skyy Threatens to Take Fetty Wap to Court Over Baby Alaiya

Well, that didnt take long. Alexis Skyy was recently all aglow after the birth Alaiya ? her daughter with Fetty Wap ? but shes come down now and is right back at Fettys throat. In a series social media posts captured by Baller Alert, the reality TV star lets Fetty know how things are going to go.

Skyy blasts the rapper and tells him to run her Alaiyas coins before he gets out town.

B***h a** n*gga, stay the f**k from me and my daughter, she wrote. Ill see you in court, b***h. Fetty], Im not keeping quiet no more. Drop that money f for Alaiya before you leave out town.

She also reached out to yet another woman that Fetty is apparently seeing, tagging her in a post to make sure that her message gets through to Fetty.

Can you wake my baby daddy up and tell him I said he has a few hours? she asked. If not tell him Ill see his a** in court & I hope you use a condom, sweets.

Alexis told her followers that she wouldnt be tolerating any negativity. While she says she has enough to take care baby Alaiya on her own, she isnt going to take any route that leaves her daughter wanting.

Yall can say what yall want. Im not having a baby shower. I dont have to repeat nothing to anyone. They know what needs to get done so get it done, she said. If not we can just go to court. Period, Im not going back and forth.