Alicia Keys Reveals Jay-Z Almost Replaced Her On “Empire State Of Mind”

During a recent interview with Mix 94.7, Alicia Keys discussed her hit 2009 collab with Jay-Z, “Empire State Of Mind.” The songstress revealed that she was close to being replaced on the track, due to Jay-Z having difficulty contacting her. According to Keys, her famous part in the song was almost sung by somebody else.

“He had this idea, he wanted to build it out. He wanted to make it the New York energy,” the artist explained. “The crazy part of that story that I just love is that he actually couldn’t get in touch with me because you go through the different channels, management, all these different places.” Jay-Z initially had the song’s original writers, Angela Hunte and Janet Sewell-Ulepic, singing the hook. They suggested that the Roc Nation founder tap Keys for the chorus, and the rest was history.

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Jay-Z Thought He Had “To Move On”

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“He couldn’t really get movement on it. And so at one point, he was like, ‘Alright, I might have to move on, I can’t connect with her. I guess I have to do it with somebody else,’” Keys continued. “Could you imagine if that ended up happening? I think about it all the time.” The iconic song certainly wouldn’t be the same without the stylings of Alicia Keys, and surely fans are glad they were eventually able to connect.

“Empire State Of Mind” went 9X platinum at the end of last month, now selling over 9 million units. It was a major success upon its release, landing at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for five weeks straight. It was the first of Jay-Z’s songs as lead artist to hit No. 1. The song went gold, and platinum within only two months, cementing its place in hip hop history. Apparently, the song has even done so well that the artists worry about creating something on the same level. Last year, Keys told E! News that she feels it “hinders” the collaborators, as they fear the 2009 track can never be topped.

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