Amber Rose is Getting Her Lady Lumps Reduced and She's Excited AF

Amber Rose has made the decision to get a reduce her chest. Now, the model and activist is taking her fans along for the ride, letting them know exactly how she feels about going under the knife on her social media channels.

The admittedly nervous Rose shared videos along with her surgeon to talk about the process getting the surgery. Rose also shared exactly what she’s most looking forward to after the surgery.

“Spaghetti straps,” she said. “I’m really excited about spaghetti straps.”

The doctor asked her to remember the last time she was able to wear spaghetti straps, before her body started having other plans. Rose said that she hasn’t worn that particular style clothing since she was 10 years old.

Rose also shared an insight into her headspace on her story. She seemed both excited and slightly worried about the procedure, if an emoji-laden message to fans is anything to go on.

The move to get her body where she wants it to be is the latest in what’s been an overwhelmingly positive couple months for Rose. Even when people attempt to start drama between Rose and her close associates, it’s just not happening.