Angela Simmons Is Open To Bow Wow Romance: "Never Say Never"

For now, the two are just friends.

Growing Up Hip Hop has once again placed Angela Simmons’s love life in the spotlight. The 32-year-old single mother has been linked to her fair share of celebrities, but it seems as if the two that most people continue to mention are and Miller. . However, Angela’s long-running friendship with Bow Wow is still going strong.

Angela Simmons Is Open To Bow Wow Romance: "Never Say Never"
John Ricard / Stringer / Getty Images

Not long ago,  The rumors once again ran rampant that there was something going on, but Angela told TMZ that she and Bow are “just friends.” Yet, during her chat with the ladies of The Real, Angela made it clear that while she and Bow are only homies, she’s open to romance with the “Fresh Azimiz” rapper.

“It’s so weird, right. . And then they leave no real room for like, a real love life,” Angela said. “Bow, I love him to death. I’ve known him since I was 17 and that’s my friend. If something ever happened that would be what would happen, but for me it’s like, I’m chillin’. He’s my friend.”

“I just learned to never say never,” she added. “You just never know.” Watch Angela’s clip below where she also talks about realizing her dad, Rev Run, was famous when she was a kid.

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