Angela Simmons Says She & Bow Wow Are "Just Friends"

For “right now.”

Anglea Simmons and dated briefly in 2012 and parted ways and carried on with their lives. Bow Wow went on to have a child with his ex Joie Davis while Angela had a child with her ex, Sutton Tennyson, who was . At this point, Angela and Bow are both single so when they both linked up recently and shared a Tik Tok video of themselves people assumed that maybe they were back together. 

However, Angela recently linked with TMZ for a short interview and made it clear that she and Bow are just friends “right now.” As seen in the clip below, Angela details how she’s known Bow Wow since he was 17-years-old so there’s a lot of history there. “The stories and the history we have is pretty crazy. He’s been there for heartbreaks, break-ups, dating him, not dating him. It’s been a whole long situation.” 

“We’re not together right now,” she added, explaining how people love to connect her with her famous exes that also includes Lil . “You just never know where life can take things sometimes, but right now we’re friends.”

Angela Simmons Says She & Bow Wow Are "Just Friends"
James W. Lemke/Getty Images

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