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Ari Lennox Delivers Freestyle Diss At Jermaine Dupri Over His "Sexist Remarks"

Ari Lennox stands above the rest in her contempt of Jermaine Dupri.

It’s pretty been decided: ‘s remarks about women rappers were unanimous condemnation. The excerpt, first published by People Magazin, spoke of female practitioners in hip-hop in such a manner unbecoming of Dupri’s position of influence, or what’s left of it circa 2009-and-beyond.

“I feel like they all are rapping about the same thing, and I don’t think they’re showing us who’s the best rapper. For me, it’s like strippers rapping. As far as rap goes, I’m not getting who is the best rapper,” Dupri said of women carving out their own singularity in hip-hop.

I’m getting OK, you got a story about you dancing in the club, you got a story about you dancing in the club, you got a story about you dancing in the club,” he continued. OK. All right. Cool. Who’s going to be the rapper?… At some point, somebody’s going to have to break out of that mold and talk about other things.” 

While it was ‘s very public response to Dupri that stole the headlines, in reverence of notable women rappers such as Tierra Whack, , Chika, and  – it was Ari Lennox of Dreamville whose response is/was the most memorable, hers coming in the form of a freestyle diss record (up above). I think it’s safe to say, Dupri is at a loss for reference points in the Nu-Atlanta, the confluence of women and men sharing the same pedestal, the least of his concerns at the moment.

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