Ariana Grande Shouts Out Nicki Minaj On Twitter, Fans Confuse It For Lyrics

Ariana Grande not only has an incredibly devoted fan base, but she’s also gearing up for the release of her new album, Sweetner, that’s set to arrive some time this summer. As such, her fans are hungry for any bit of information they can get about the new album, even the point of confusing a simple compliment with potential song lyrics.

That’s exactly what happened yesterday, as Ariana took to Twitter to pay respects to one of her favorite artists and good friends, Nicki Minaj. “i love my big sis @nickiminaj so fuckin much,” Ariana wrote in a series of tweets. “there’s jus nobody better.” That last statement set her fanbase off, asking her if those are the lyrics to one of her new songs.

It eventually got to the point where Ariana had to specify that, no, she’s just trying to give her “big sis” a complement. “warning : sometimes i am going to tweet things that aren’t lyrics or tea is that ok i’m sry ily,” said Grande in a follow-up.

Of course, Nicki responding in kind didn’t help the situation much, but it did produce a previously unknown anecdote that shows how close the two of them really are, with Ariana running out of the house at Nicki’s behest and getting soaked in the rain.

The two of them have previously collaborated on Ariana’s hit song, “Side to Side,” but considering both Ariana and Nicki have albums coming this summer, chances are we’ll be getting a new collaboration from the two of them soon.

Ariana Grande says her shout-out to Nicki Minaj wasn’t hinting at lyrics ?

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