Aries Spears And DJ Vlad Argue About Nepo Babies

During a recent interview with VladTV, Aries Spears shared his thoughts on nepo babies. The term has been thrown around a lot lately, referring to the children of wealthy or celebrity parents. Nepo babies are pretty controversial, with a lot of them receiving hate for the privileges they have. Though some nepo babies really do work to carve their own paths, the advantages they have in doing so tend to put people off. Some famous examples include the Kardashian/Jenner sisters, Lily-Rose Depp, and Hailey Bieber. Bieber even made headlines earlier this year for leaning into the stereotype, wearing a t-shirt reading “nepo baby.”

DJ Vlad and Spears got into a bit of a debate on the whole concept, with DJ Vlad claiming that being a nepo baby doesn’t guarantee someone anything. Spears agrees on some level, however, he thinks they have far more advantages than most. “It doesn’t guarantee you a role,” DJ Vlad says. “No, it doesn’t guarantee you a role but it does allow you to skip the line,” Spears notes.

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Aries Spears On Nepo Babies

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When DJ Vlad says “possibly,” Spears argues his case. “No, it’s no ‘possibly’ about it,” he explains. “A lot of people can’t even get to the front door.” He says that for a lot of people, the massive sacrifices they make in order to pursue their dreams can be frightening. The comedian describes how after dedicating themselves to their craft they still have to worry about feeding their family, paying bills, and constantly having an alternative plan, as their success is never guaranteed.

Spears emphasizes the stark contrast between this and the path of a nepo baby, who will always have something to fall back on. “When you try to make a life for yourself and complete a dream that you’ve always had for yourself and pay the mortgage, and the rent, and the bills, and keep the lights on, and feed your kids and this is your heart, your soul? That matters to you.”

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