Armaan Malik's Billboard Live At-Home

Armaan Malik spread the word about what’s going on in the world while recognizing the value of the world’s many languages during his Billboard Live At-Home performance Wednesday (June 3).

He chose to donate the money raised during the 20-minute set to GiveIndia, an online donation platform that divvies out funds to various non-government programs in the singer-songwriter’s home country. Malik’s pride for his motherland is heard clearly in “Buttabomma,” one of his most popular songs (it’s gained 5 million Spotify plays) sung in one of India’s many languages Telugu.

But the international superstar recently became a crossover sensation after Billboard announced back in March that he signed with Arista Records and released his first official English-language single “Control.” While he passionately hits each inflection for “Buttabomma,” “Control” comes off as a breezy acoustic ballad about a significant other seizing the reins in a relationship.

“I am proud to call myself an Indian singer. I sing in almost all the languages in India. And for me, there’s nothing more greater than reaching out to people with different languages, and that’s what I’ve always strived to do,” the Mumbai-based musician said.

While constantly striving to reach out to his international fanbase, he debuted a new English single that he and his co-songwriting friend Natania Lalwani penned about the coronavirus pandemic that’s frankly titled “What in the World,” which calls for a hard reset across the globe. “It’s exactly what we all are feeling in this point in time. We poured our heart out in the lyrics. I feel like it’ll connect with all of you guys,” he said while introducing the song about reflecting on oneself, changing one’s ways and making amends.

But when it comes to reflecting on how Malik first paved his path in the music world, one fan specifically asked him during Billboard‘s livestream if he’d ever stop singing in Hindi, as the singer has lent his vocals to plenty of Bollywood films. “Hindi songs and Hindi music has made me whoever I am today, and for me to be able to reach to this stage, it’s been because of Hindi music. So I will never stop singing in Hindi,” he proclaimed. “I love singing in different languages. And a part of the reason why I wanted to do English songs is because I wanted to spread my wings…. I would love to explore songs in Spanish and Korean and Arabic.”

During his performance, Malik also announced that his next single, titled “Next 2 Me,” will be out June 12.

Watch Malik’s whole multilingual Billboard Live At-Home performance below, and donate to GiveIndia here.

It's Armaan Malik and I’m teaming up with Billboard to raise money for GiveIndia with a Billboard Live At-Home performance! Watch now and drop your questions, requests and donations below!

Posted by Billboard on Wednesday, June 3, 2020