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Artist Spotlight: MSB Boog – “Stand Down” [Visuals]

This week’s artist spotlight focuses on one of the fastest-rising rappers out there in the game in 2022, Pensacola-bred American rapper and songwriter MSB Boog. His new music video “Stand Down,” produced by Street Runna Production, offers a unique glimpse of Boog’s mindset and approach to life to viewers and listeners. 

From being on the block trapping to becoming a major figure in the industry, MSB Boog has come a long way since his childhood, when he lived in poverty and had to face extremely tough times and situations. Newly signed to EQ/RocNation with a distribution deal, 2023 will mark his most important professional year since the launch of his career. 

Also known for “Soldier,” released in 2021 and “Rockstar,” released just a few weeks back, MSB Boog’s most popular release to date came with his debut EP Life In The Trenchez, an 18:54 minutes display of force, meticulously curated beats and instrumentals, and of course, his signature melodic rapping style that  attains unusually high culminations in the EP. 

Switching moods and vibes while always remaining true to his messages and overall energy, MSB Boog’s sound offers a unique equilibrium between meaning and entertainment, so for all those reasons, we highly recommend you to watch his new music video “Stand Down” and add his tracks to your favorite playlists.  

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