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ASAP Rocky & Crew Delivered Beat Down After A Woman’s Behind Was Grabbed

An update on ASAP Rocky & co’s Sweden beat-down.

We  on A$AP Rocky and his crew getting into a tussle as of late. The most recent incident happened when Rocky and his crew were walking through the streets of Sweden. According to TMZ, some shit went down and Rocky and his crew ended up beating a man down, leaving him bloody. During his run in Sweden, A$AP Rocky stopped by Max Restaurant in Stockholm when he allegedly broke a man’s headphones, leading to a heated conversation between his crew and two dudes. The young men reportedly followed Rocky out of the restaurant and threatened to call the police on him and when the rapper got in their faces, things got physical. TMZ has since offered updates on the matter.

Apparently, as the two men followed ASAP and his crew for some time, someone intervened to calm things down between the groups. Rocky shared the message for the two men to stop following them or else. Yet, it was when a woman interrupted the conversation to accuse one of the two men of grabbing her ass that ASAP and his crew went bizerk. Sources add that one of the two men was knocked out from the fight and another source close to ‘s team adds that he and his friends were only responding to “an assault.” We expect further details on this later.

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