Atlanta Artist Graysee Is On The Rise

How would you describe your music and what is the purpose of your music?

Diversified. That’s how I’d describe the music I make. Even though there’s only a few songs out—in comparison to what’s not out—each release is worthy of multiple playlists.

The reason I make music is so that listeners can connect with my music, even when it’s not relatable. I’ve never felt “worthless”, but with the amount of passion I say the first line of Alone by Rod Wave, you’d think otherwise—that’s the effect I want to have on my listeners.

If you could open for one artist who would it be? If you could play one venue, what would it be?

J. Cole for sure—he’s influential, his music is diverse, and he’s collaborated with every other artist I’d like to open for.

State Farm Arena! From 2019 – 2022 I worked there as a barback and a server so I saw plenty of concerts. At every one, I would envision myself on stage and that the crowd was cheering for me—soon, that’ll be reality.

What is your favorite song of 2023?

In March, I got put onto Sinead Harnett and I’ve been playing If You Let Me (acoustic) on repeat ever since. The reason I resonate with this song so much is because of who told me about it and how well it relates to our relationship.

What artist has had the biggest impact or influence on your career and which new artist has the opinion to influence the next generation the most?

As far as becoming a recording artist, I’d have to give that credit to Davon Crockett—not sure when I would’ve gone to a studio if he didn’t invite me in 2019. We became roommates our Sophomore year of college and we’ve been making music ever since.

To know if someone is capable of influencing others, I’d have to get a better understanding of that individual. I’m not familiar with enough ‘new’ artists to determine which of them will have an impact on the next generation, but I’d like to think that my music and who I am as a person is influential enough to affect the next generation in a positive way.

What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to start their music career or keep their continue going?

To anyone aspiring to be anything, remain consistent and continue to improve—The more you do these things, the faster things will happen.

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