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Austin Rivers Wants To Destroy His Dad’s Clippers Team In The Playoffs

Hopefully, the father & son relationship can survive the postseason.

The NBA postseason is almost upon us which means some great basketball is about to be played and rivalries will be forged. With the standings starting to settle down, it looks like an unlikely rivalry is about to form between father and son. Austin Rivers, the son of Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers, currently plays for the Houston Rockets who are actually third in the Western Conference right now. The Clippers are ranked sixth which means they would play each other in the first round. 

TMZ Sports caught Austin and Doc out at dinner at Craig’s on Wednesday night and asked them both about the potential matchup. Doc joked that he hopes his son will take it easy on his team, although Austin seems pretty eager to deliver a beat down. 

“Absolutely not. Bragging rights for the household, man. He’s done enough in his career … it’s my turn to win something,” Austin said.

What makes this potential matchup even more interesting is the fact that Austin used to play for Doc in Los Angeles although he’s since moved on to bigger and better things in Houston. The Rockets would be heavy favorites in the series, although the Clippers have played some formidable basketball this year and could prove to be a challenge.

We just hope their relationship can survive the hard series ahead.

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