Avicii's Girlfriend Blames Internet Trolls For His Death

Avicii’s girlfriend Tereza Kacerova has a theory that Internet trolls played a role in pushing her partner to the edge of suicide. The Swedish EDM producer passed away on April 20th by cutting himself with shards of broken glass. His girlfriend has since posted the final chapter in a three-part letter explaining an insurgency of Internet users wishing his demise. The letter is addressed to her late partner by his actual name “Tim Bergling.” Tereza went public with their relationship shortly after his death.

In the letter, Tereza she described the aftermath of his death as “A lot of vultures stepping out of the shadows.” In some circles, news of his passing was met with general contempt, while others felt twinges of nostalgia. The association of his music sent many of us on a course through memory lane. For reasons linked to people’s personal interests, Avicii had become a polarizing figure. Yet still, no one would have expected this level of consternation. In this day in age, Cyberbullies demonstrate an unrelenting commitment to their chosen targets.

Tereza’s template stood as: “I don’t need to be everyone’s cup of tea. But I was whose I cared about being. So the haters can go suck a bag of ?.” Her decision to take on his battle with Internet trolls is second to the horrible sadness she is facing due to his passing. she is her own words, “drowning in all-encompassing sadness.” Hopefully the letter will have the desired humanizing effect.

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