“Ayo Showcase & Listening party” W/ HipHopSince1987 Recap

DJ Tarzan came down to philly to hear some the Philly youth and give them valuable information and an opportunity to perform in front DJ Tony Mannsion & Averse Sounds & VP Hiphop Since 1987 Wilde Tuna. Every artist left one step closer to what they were trying to accomplish as the special guests the night made sure to give gems to every artist in the room! Two artist came out the winners the show and received a Hiphop Since 1987 incentive and more! Trendsetta Ree  & Juice the truth. Be on the lookout for the next Hiphop Since 1987 A&R session!

Special Thanks To Cutty Tv For Hosting & Visual Productions!

Rappers And Rabbis to host Forum and Hip Hop Concert January 16th