Azealia Banks Says Tinashe’s Music Gives Her "NBA Cheerleader” Vibes

Azealia Banks isn’t a huge fan.

is no rookie when it comes to sharing her opinions that no one really asked for but here we are yet again. The 28-year-old “212” rapper clearly got a feel for ‘s latest album Songs For You and while she admitted that the songs weren’t “bad” the rapper made it clear that she’s not so much of fan of Tinashe and everything she’s going for. 

Azealia Banks Says Tinashe's Music Gives Her "NBA Cheerleader” Vibes
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Things first started when Azealia commented on Tinashe’s Instagram post writing: “Girl you don’t get tired of copying f.k.a twigs?” Tinashe took the high road when she responded: “Happy thanksgiving girl, wishing you peace and happiness, stream “songs for you.””

Things didn’t end there. Azealia then went to her Instagram story to provide an explanation for her thoughts about Tinashe, questioning her “version of the alt r&b” star. “I think if you expanded your references past the immediacy of your peers you will find the edge you’ve been looking for all these years,” she wrote. “There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be iconic, I just think you’re going about it in a way that puts you in the pop-tart reaching for edginess bucket rather than in the conversation with the actual game-changers.”

Azealia further referred to Tinashe’s music as “NBA cheerleader vibes” more than “art star.”‘ Read her full diss here

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