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Baby Phace Reach For The Stars With “Dear God”

The Haitian American artist’s latest release “Dear God” includes impressive musicality packed with hard-hitting lyrical delivery. 

The project has an accompanying music video, where we get to see Baby Phace showing off his energetic charisma. In the visual production, the focus of the camera keeps shifting, capturing the New-Jerseyan rapper from different angles. It is worth mentioning that the music video was what caught my attention the most, as it was the first time I saw an artist performing in the middle of the church. 

“Dear God” sets your soul free amongst the well-built and solid lyrical delivery. Let’s give Baby Phace a big round of applause for fueling the scene. 

Watch the music video of “Dear God” below: 

And don’t forget to check out his Spotify account where he has thousands of active listeners. 

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