Bad Bunny & Rosalía Only Follow Each Other on Twitter

An Instagram photo posted at the beginning of the month of Bad Bunny and Rosalia hanging out together hinted that the two were up to something.

It was later made clear that the Puerto Rican artist and Spanish star were hanging out because 1) they’re really good friends and 2) Rosalia was interviewing Bunny for a feature on Interview magazine. As part of the interview, the “Callaita” singer even admitted that the biggest misconception people have about him is that he and Rosalia are “bad bunnies.” “They have me pissed off with that,” he states.

Bad Bunny and Rosalía have since unfollowed everyone on Twitter expect each other. Nearly a month has passed by since the photos of the two were posted and the feat was published and they are still each other’s only followers on the social media app. Could they be hinting at a future collaboration?

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